This Ascension took their early cues from The Cure, The Chameleons, and just
about every 4AD band at the time. Their debut Tears In Rain earned the band
comparisons to Area, Xmal Deutschland, and even pop fair such as 10,000
Maniacs, while their later releases move toward the ethereal-gothic realm.
1999's album Sever is the most varied, drawing on influences ranging from
Early Music to the progressive rock/ambient/tribal offerings of the
Real World label. With producer John Rivers (Dead Can Dance,
Love & Rockets) at the helm, Sever charted on over 200
college community, and alternative radio stations throughout
The United States and
Canada within two months of its release.

In summer of 2001, Projekt Records re-issued all four of the band's
releases to critical acclaim. This Ascension will follow up the
re-release of these albums with a new ep/CD-rom in 2002
that will include new songs, unreleased tracks,
a video, and more. The band's live reputation proceeds them,
with live shows combining ethereal beauty and a powerful
rock presence. This Ascension have toured the United States
three times and the west coast prolifically, sharing the stage with
Clan of Xymox, Jesus & Mary Chain, Chris Isaak,
Wolfgang Press and The Pixies, to name a few

The band reunited for a small U.S. Tour in 2004 and
called it quits shortly after. Dru Allen is involved in various
projects including Falling You and Mirabilis and Kevin Serra
has launched an indie music resource site.







Matt Ballasteros
Charlie Dennis
Tim Tuttle
Cynthia Coulter
Paul Sutherland


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